Dumpster Bag Overview:

The ALTERNATIVE To Renting A Roll Off Bin In Hawaii

Dumpsters On Demand Hawaii is a cost-effective, rubbish removal service that utilizes a disposable polypropylene dumpster bag, rather than a traditional metal roll-off dumpster bin. The bag can accommodate a maximum of 3 cubic yards/3300 lbs., making it the perfect refuse removal solution for both homeowners AND contractors with small to medium-sized jobs. A new concept for Hawaii, but one that’s already thriving on the U.S. Mainland, Dumpsters On Demand Hawaii is locally owned and operating on the island of Oahu.

As easy as 1, 2, 3 – Get your Dumpster On Demand!

Dumpster BAG vs. Roll Off Dumpster BIN

  • Dumpster Bag Size/Capacity: For jobs too big for your rubbish can, yet too small for a traditional metal roll-off dumpster bin, our disposable dumpster bags are made of industrial-strength polypropylene and can accommodate up to 3 cubic yards (4’ X 8’ X 2’6”) with a maximum load capacity of 3,300 lbs. In comparison, the smallest roll-off bin typically available for rental is 10 cubic yards (8’ X 12’ X 4’).
  • Cost Of Using Dumpsters On Demand Hawaii: Easy on your budget, our disposable dumpster bags cost approximately $39.95 each (prices vary slightly depending on retailer), and our price to pick up and dispose of one dumpster bag is a flat fee of $250 + tax. On the other hand, renting a 10 cubic yard metal roll-off dumpster bin will cost you anywhere from 2 to 5 times more with separate delivery AND pick up fees and sometimes even additional fees for disposal.
  • Dumpster Bags Are Ready When You Are: Once you purchase a dumpster bag at one of our local retailers, the bags are small and light enough to tuck under your arm and store in a closet until you are ready. Take as long as you need to fill the bag and when you’re done, we will pick up your bag within 2 business days of any day you select. A metal roll-off bin, in contrast, is ready for delivery based on availability and because you are only renting it, its time with you is often limited to 1 or 2 weeks before additional fees start adding up.
  • Convenience and Flexibility Are What You Get When You Use Dumpsters On Demand Hawaii: Dumpster bags are available locally, and because of their smaller size, lighter weight, and ability to be picked up with a Knuckle Boom crane, dumpster bags have many more placement options than metal roll-off bins, which are often confined to your driveway. Needless to say, better placement = easier filling. And when you’re ready for that bag to be taken away, payment and scheduling can be done right online from your home computer or mobile device at any time of the day. For more information on dumpster bag placement options, see our Place It page.

Still NOT SURE About Dumpster Bags vs. Roll Off Bins?

  • Visit our FAQ page and find even more detailed information about our dumpster bags.
  • Have specific questions that haven’t been answered on our website? Feel free to Contact Us and we’ll be happy to enlighten you further on the merits of our disposable dumpster bags and gain your confidence in our rubbish removal service.